Northern Border

Project: Women, Children and Adolescents promoting a culture of peace in San Lorenzo. Finalized in February, 2012.

Implemented with partners:

  • Fundación Yupana
  • GAD (Gobierno Autónomo Descentralizado) de San Lorenzo del Pailón.

Duration: 2 years and 3 months

Donor: European Union

Beneficiaries: 1,513 persons whereof 1,017 children and adolescents and 496 adults.

Project: Protection of children’s rights and reinforcement of the protection systems for children living in conditions of human mobility in Ecuador.

Implemented with partner: ALER (Latin American Association of Broadcasting)

Donor: European Union

Duration: 2 years from August, 2013.

Project: Protection of children’s rights and reinforcement of the national protection systems (including prevention, attention and rehabilitation) for children that have been victims of abuse, violence and negligence in Ecuador and Peru.

Implemented with partners:

National level:

  • SJR (Jesuit Services for Refugees) and
  • ALER (Latin American Association for Broadcasting)

Local level:

  • Consejo Cantonal de la Niñez y Adolescencia (CCNA) de Huaquillas
  • Gobierno Autónomo Descentralizado (GAD) de Zamora Chinchipe
  • Centro Claretiano de Justicia y Paz - Parroquia San Pedro y San pablo de Limones
  • Proyecto “Tahalata”.